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Hatch and Hatch for Land Surveying Services in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city, projected to overtake Sydney in size by 2053. Thankfully the Victorian government’s recent report into urban development has found that Melbourne’s growth areas have over 20 years’ residential land supply. There’s a lot of land development to be done – which means a lot of land surveying services needed in Melbourne, also.

These services are essential to any land development project. A land surveying specialist measures properties and pieces of land to determine boundaries. This is important for both construction reasons and legal reasons – a surveyor’s maps and land descriptions are usually considered legally binding, and if a dispute arises, a surveyor might be called upon to speak in court. This means survey work must be very exacting and precise.

Our principle, Robert Hatch, is a qualified surveyor and solicitor with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry. With this bedrock of knowledge and practice, our company provides meticulous and professional service. This goes beyond the surveying itself and extends to all the tasks that surround it – from the legal aspects, to management of your entire subdivision project, we’ve got the knowledge and the tools to take care of your land surveying services in Melbourne.

Give us a call on 0425 798 724 or come and see us at our Camberwell office to discuss your project – you can even contact us by email. Whether we are administering your subdivision or updating your home’s boundary map, we bring professionalism and exactitude to everything we do.