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Property boundary surveys are an important part of any land purchase, but are a step that is often overlooked. Why are they so important? For one thing, they can prevent you from having an adverse possession of land challenge on your Victoria property. To find out more, read on.

To put it most simply, land surveyors can confirm that the land you want to buy is the land you think you’re buying. They can also inform you about whether features such as a boundary fence, building or driveway is on your land or not, and whether features belonging to someone else encroach on your land in any way.

Though the current owner may have provided you with an older land survey, it’s best not to rely on it as it won’t have recorded changes to the land that have taken place since. In Victoria, having the most recent land boundary survey possible enables you to make a fully informed purchase decision, including the risks of an adverse possession claim. This is a legal rule that allows the occupier of a piece of land to obtain ownership if they can prove uninterrupted and exclusive possession of the land for at least 15 years.

Our property boundary, and fence survey services include the following processes:

  • Redefining and marking boundaries – urban and rural, often called a Re-establishment Survey
  • Identification
  • Location Certificates
  • Amendment of Title
  • Applications to amend Title
  • Subdivisions within existing developed areas together with creation of easements, leases, covenants and restriction on title

For boundary or re-establishment surveys, call us today.