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Land Subdivision and / or Management of the Subdivision Project

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Project Management


Feasibility Study

Negotiation with relevant authorities

Completion of the plans for registration of subdivision

Marking the boundaries

Hatch & Hatch provides a full service to guide you through the Town Planning and Subdivision process of your development, from cutting off your backyard through to multi-lot and building subdivisions.
Initially this process may involve a feature and level survey for a Town Planning application to Council, a necessary precursor to any subdivision. Should you be proposing to build to the external boundaries of the site is also sensible to undertake a re-establishment survey to identify any boundary issues prior to subdivision. This minimises the risk of having to alter your development later on.

The subdivision process that follows Town Planning approval is a lengthy one, and involves dealing with a number of Referral Authorities and Council. Different Referral Authorities and Councils have many and varied requirements. Hatch and Hatch is experienced in managing this process for you, so you are able to better manage the practical requirements of your development. This enables the client to obtain a subdivision Statement of Compliance in the most timely manner.

This process includes preparing a preliminary Plan of Subdivision and performing the necessary subdivision survey work. Hatch & Hatch also prepares the subdivision application for Council submission, and follows the application from submission to completion.
Completion will be all required survey plans and reports, together with a subdivision Statement of Compliance, enabling the client to lodge all documents with Land Victoria to obtain new titles.

Our subdivision survey services include the following:

1. Project management
2. Town Planning submissions to Council
3. Subdivision applications to Council
4. All survey elements as required under the applicable legislation
5. Managing and negotiating with Council and Referral Authorities throughout the process
6. Completion of plans and reports, together with a Statement of Compliance, for registration at Land Victoria